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Environmental Policy

Society has to strive towards a cycle consumption to improve the environment in a long-term stable way. Here the company has an important influence on the improvement of the present environmental situation.

Tillquist is aiming at a long-term stable development and to be economical with the limited resources on earth.

With a long-term stable development we mean a growth where there is room for the activities of the society in the circulation of nature, i.e. all rest products are being reprocessed to new resources.

Environmental Policy

  • We shall see to it that we fulfil the environmental legislation.
  • We shall continuously provide our staff with education and information to enable them to take an active part in the environmental work and take environmental responsibility in their daily work.
  • We shall aim at using recycled material as extensively as possible both in our range of products as well as in our own daily use.
  • We shall work to reduce our own relative use of electricity and fuel.
  • We shall as extensively as possible try to sort waste to be recycled.
  • We shall give priority to environment friendly products when purchasing.
  • We shall constantly try to improve our environmental work and work for an environment friendly spirit within our company.
  • We shall influence our suppliers to purposefully work for being certified according to ISO 14001.


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