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Quality Policy

Our fundamental guiding principle is to achieve a total quality covering the entire company by always adapting ourselves to our customers demands and constantly live up to our commitments.

When chosing supplier and other cooperation partners we demand that they have acceptable quality systems and thus can show reliability regarding product quality and delivery responsibility. Our ambition is to make quick offers, supply proper documents, keep promised delivery times and make sure that marking of goods and packing is accurate.

To secure our own quality we will keep on improving our routines and our way of working within our company in favour of our customers and suppliers. We shall also constantly improve our knowledge about the products, look after our quality system and see to it that we communicate in the best way.

Quality goals have been established for different part processes. These are being measured within the company and informed about when the Management is going through the policy. We shall also look after that we fulfill the demands according to regulations applicable on our company.

Each delivery shall be a recommendation to keep on buying from Hugo Tillquist AB.


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