Hugo Tillquist AB launches a complete new series of configurable measuring transducer!

LT10 is a new series 1-channel configurable measuring transducer for AC measurements, it covers AC voltage, AC current and frequency. The analog output is freely configurable in the range of 0 - 20 mA. The auxiliary voltage covers a very wide range and the inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated. With the free of cost software ConfigLQT will the configuration be done quickly, easily and without the need for auxiliary power!

Here you can read more about the products L10-I and LT10-U.

LQT60 multi transducer

LQT60 WIDE - Configurable multi transducer for all areas

LQT60 WIDE configurable multi transducer for all electrical networks. Any parameter can be linked to the 5 analog outputs. 2 digital outputs for energy pulses or alarm outputs.

Configuration via software “ConfigLQT”, that is supplied free of charge.

Can not be better and easier than this!



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