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Process Automation  >  Interfaces

We offer interface measuring systems for measuring levels and interfaces in liquids and sludge. Our range includes fluid interface transmitters based on the Archimedes principle, float-type and magnetostrictive interface transmitters, and top-mounted contact-free interface transmitters that use microwaves for liquids, solids and sludge levels.

We always strive to work with the highest quality products!

Interface measurement for liquids

  • Jupiter JM 4 – A level transmitter for direct mounting and intended for “clean” liquids. Handles all types of liquids and most process environments. Suitable for the chemicals industry, nuclear power industry, and the oil and gas industry.
  • Eclipse 705 – A loop-powered liquid level and interface transmitter based on guided wave radar (GWR) technology. Suitable for the chemicals industry, power generation, pulp and paper mills, water and waste water, and oil and gas.
  • ORCA sludge level monitor – The ORCA series is a sonar transmitter used to measure bed levels in different water and waste water applications. It is able to measure RAS or bed levels and floc levels or clarity.
  • Digital E3 Modulevel – Displacer operated level transmitter for measuring level, interface or density. The instrument can be used for a variety of different applications, such as in the chemicals industry, power generation, pulp and paper mills, and the oil and gas industry.
  • Eclipse 706 – Used for level/volume and interface measurement in most liquids. The guided wave radar level transmitter provides a high level of accuracy, reliability and safety for more or less the entire process industry. Provides cost-effective measurement.
  • Sultan Sonar – A powerful low frequency transmitter with various sensor frequencies for multiple applications with varying densities. Sultan Sonar has a monitoring function and is able to assure the performance of controlling pumps.