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Loading Arms/Folding Platforms

Process Automation  >  Loading Arms/Folding Platforms

Kanon Loading Equipment is a Dutch supplier of systems for safe loading and unloading of marine, road and rail tankers. The products can be delivered as standard solutions or can be tailored to specific customer requirements and specifications.

The range consists of loading arms, folding platforms, swivel joints and complete platform systems, and offers a wide variety of accessories.

Kanon has extensive experience of equipment for handling difficult media such as chemicals, acids and liquefied gas.

Loading and unloading of marine, road and rail tankers

  • Marine loading arms – Used for loading and unloading marine vessels. The loading arms have a long service life and are spillage-free to prevent pollution.
  • Loading arms for road and rail tankers – Loading arms for connection to the side or rear of tankers, or sometimes both sides. Equipped with 5x or 6x swivel joints and 1x balancing system (spring cylinder). The design can be customised to specifications.
  • Folding stairs and safety cages for loading road and rail tankers – These provide a safe and efficient means of access between a loading platform and road and rail tankers

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