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Sustainability and Social Responsibility

A sustainable company is one that brings together quality, environmental considerations and social engagement.

For Tillquist Group AB, sustainable business is about saving on our own resources and reducing our negative environmental impact. Our sustainability efforts are based on shared values and the understanding that every link in the chain is important, from employees to suppliers and customers.

Tillquist’s sustainability efforts are guided by the company’s policies and quality management systems. The company works purposefully and in communication with other partners to develop and implement these policies in order to assist our employees in their daily work on sustainability.


We work actively to continuously reduce the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact. Our suppliers are expected to operate in line with our environmental policy and must therefore be aware of, and comply with, the requirements of national legislation, regulations and industry standards. This includes having knowledge of, and control over, their environmental impact and working continuously with measures to improve the environmental aspects of their operations.

Social responsibility

Tillquist also works continuously and purposefully on issues of equality and social responsibility, both within and outside the workplace – and we require the same of our partners. We provide sponsorship on an ongoing basis, including initiatives for youth sports and activities, mainly in our immediate vicinity.


Tillquist Group AB is certified according ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is a member of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

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