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Optonyx provides photonics components, assemblies and systems to manufacturers and researchers. Optonyx was founded in 2006 and has been a subsidiary of Hugo Tillquist AB since 2018. Optonyx represents a number of world-leading suppliers, covering the Nordic and Baltic markets. Our main products are optical components, optical filters, lasers, spectrometers and optomechanics for nano- and micropositioning.

Thanks to our long experience, we offer the highest level of service to our customers through a combination of deep understanding of customers’ requirements and detailed knowledge of our suppliers capabilities. We are able to deliver standard catalogue components, modified catalogue components and entirely unique items based on customer specifications or drawings.

Optonyx’s suppliers are knowledgeable and innovative and can provide technical advice early on in a development project. With many years of experience in the interaction between light sources, optics and detectors in photonics systems, our suppliers can achieve optimal solutions for customer requests.

Please visit our website to find out more about us and our products.

Business Area Manager


Urban Konradsson Botes

Phone: +46 8-55 11 14 11