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Current Transformers

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Wide range of current transformers

Tillquist Group AB offers a wide range of different transformers. Measuring transformers are a special type of transformer that isolate measuring and protection equipment from high voltages on the electricity grid, while transforming voltage and current quantities into measurable levels. Select a category below to find the complete data for each product type of that category.


  • Split core transformers – With 1 A or 5 A secondary output. Available with different window dimensions. They have many excellent characteristics, are sealable and easy to assemble, are suitable for all energy meters and are good for statistical measurements
  • Hole current transformers – Available in TUC and TU models as well as resin cast, which helps with vibration tolerance. Available in different sizes. TUC models can handle high loads and are sealable
  • Transformer transducers – Available in several sizes and can be set to different measurement ranges. Are very accurate withins temperature between -10 and – +50°C

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