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Energy – products for measuring and storing energy

The energy transition to local and renewable production, led by solar and wind power, means completely new challenges for the electricity grid. Meeting these challenges requires long-term thinking and the right products.

Our Energy division offers a wide range of energy meters that live up to the industry’s requirements for accuracy, advanced functionality and integrated communication. Our energy meters are available for all voltages, and we are the market leader in supplying energy meters able to directly measure the 690 Volt turbine voltage from wind generators.

Being able to store energy is today more important than it has ever been. Our high-quality energy storage systems allow our customers to do just that!

Energy product range:

  • Energy meters - energy meters for precision measurement at all transmission points.
  • Energy storage – high-quality energy storage systems, special batteries and chargers.
  • Technical support - provides our customers with meter configuration and meter support.