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IR Temperature Measurement

Process Automation  >  IR Temperature Measurement

Tillquist Group AB represents FLUKE Process Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of non-contact IR thermal measuring instruments used in everything from simple applications to the toughest of heavy process industries.

Non-contact IR Temperature Measurement 

The product range consists of robust and reliable non-contact IR thermal measuring instruments, such as infrared pyrometers, scanners and thermal imagers for measurements in tough industrial environments at both low and high temperatures up to 3,200°C. The products are designed for excellent reliability, performance and function, making them ideal for the most demanding applications.

Fluke Process Instruments

The world-leading Ircon and Raytek brands are now grouped under Fluke Process Instruments. All future products will be developed, manufactured and launched under the Fluke Process Instruments name.

IR temperature measurement for the process industry

  • Raytek – Non-contact IR instruments for temperature measurement in industrial, process control and maintenance applications.
  • Ircon – Meets the toughest temperature measurement challenges in industry and is highly reliable.
  • Fluke Process Instrument – A world-leading manufacturer of non-contact IR instruments for temperature measurement in industrial, process and maintenance applications.


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