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Energy Meters

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Energy meters provide quality assured current and voltage measurements

Energy meters are gaining an increasingly important role in the ongoing transition in how we produce and consume energy.

Modern energy meters should be constantly connected in order to generate real-time metering data and provide greater quality assurance of currents and voltages reaching the end consumer. This demands a high level of performance and functionality.

Energy meters for precision metering at all transmission points

Tillquist Group AB is actively participating in this transition by offering the market’s most advanced energy meters for precision metering at all transmission points.

Our range of precision meters is available in both panel and 19” rack designs to meet the industry’s regulations and requirements in terms of measurement accuracy, advanced functionality and built-in communication.

Our energy meters are available for all metered voltages, and we are the market leader in offering energy meters for direct measurements of 690-volt wind turbine generators.

We offer several types of energy meter:

  • DIN rail meters – For sub-metering in industrial properties, apartments, hospitals, hotels, shops etc
  • Precision meters – For power grid owners and industries
  • Accessories – We offer accessories such as internal and external modems as well as readout heads

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