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Fault Annunciators

Power Automation  >  Fault Annunciators

Tillquist Group AB offers a wide range of fault annunciators (also known as warning panels, alarm panels or control panels) from German manufacturer EES, which has more than 40 years of experience. The annunciators are designed for panel mounting, and can also be mounted in 19” racks. The annunciator system is highly flexible and can be easily expanded from 8 to 192 signals and simply configured using software or an integrated web server.

Our annunciators are available with IEC 61850 compliance, redundant supply, analogue inputs, Modbus RTU/TCP, IEC 60870-5-101/104 and repeat relays.

  • USM Fault Annunciators – Used as a standalone unit or as a master in the scalable 8-192 signal system solution and complemented with BSM units as slaves. Communication to superior systems via IEC 61850, Modbus RTU/TCP and IEC 60870-5-101/104 using ethernet/fibre.

  • BSM Fault Annunciators – Traditional hard-wired annunciator systems. Used as a standalone unit or as a master or slave in the scalable 8-192 signal system solution. Fully configurable using the free-of-charge software. Supports wired signals to RTU and is used as a master and slave unit in system solutions. Communication between masters and slaves takes place through a CAN bus interface.

  • WAP Fault Annunciators – For particularly clear local display. WAP is a scalable system with up to 96 signal inputs, making it suitable for applications where the importance of the fault is associated with the size of the indication combined with colour (for example in production or industry). Easily configurable using WAP-K web server or WAP-P software.

  • Accessories – We offer pre-drilled rack plates for USM/BSM/WAP attenuator panels and MSM relay modules – repeat relays

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