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Machine Builders

Machine Builders

Tillquist Group AB is a well-established supplier of customer-specific system solutions and components for the Swedish OEM industry. Having worked closely with Swedish industry for many years, we understand the enormous importance of collaboration and meeting the customer’s requirements.

Our product range includes various sensors and senders, such as sensors for flow, pressure, temperature, level, position and angle. There is also a high level of demand for our products such as high-pressure valves, pumps, solenoids and shotbolt lock units.

Our customers value, knowledge, attitude to quality, flexibility and our availability. Our level of expertise is unique in the industry, and we leverage our collaboration with highly reputable suppliers to enter the customer’s design/decision process at an early stage in order to optimise the functionality, performance and economy of each customer-specific solution. This helps to save both expense and time.

Inside Sales

Machine Builders

Vilhelm Törnebohm

Phone: +46 8-594 632 09