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Flow measurement means directly or indirectly measuring the amount of liquid or gas flowing per unit time in a pipe or duct. Within its flow measurement product range, Tillquist Group AB offers flow meters for dry goods, mass flow meters for gases, and flow sensors for gases and liquids based on thermal measurement.

Our range includes a wide variety of different flow meters and flow sensors based on a number of different measurement principles, and are adapted to each application and area of use. We always start by looking at what the customer wants to achieve, and work on a project-by-project basis with a number of world-leading suppliers. Designed for SIL 1 and SIL 2 loops, we help our customers to achieve more accurate and reliable measurement.

A wide range of flow meters 

  • MF 3000 – For flow measurement in metallic pipes, from just a few kg/h to many t/h.
  • VMM, electromagnetic – High-precision magnetic inductive flow sensors for electrically conductive liquids. VMM has a robust design and is suitable for demanding environments. Fully-welded steel connection for stability.
  • Thermatel TA2 – Thermal mass flow meter that detects differences in heat dissipation depending on flow rate. The flow meter offers direct mass flow measurement of air and gases, low-flow sensitivity, low pressure drop, process temperatures up to +200 °C and a flameproof enclosure. It is suitable for the chemicals industry, oil and gas, and water and waste water applications.
  • Sultan – A liquid flow meter based on acoustic wave technology. Sultan has a measuring range of up to 20 metres and is available with a wide range of communication systems.

A wide range of flow switches

  • FlowSwitch 510M – Monitors the mass flow of solids and is easy to install and suitable for all types of bulk materials. The flow switch has adjustable sensitivity and damping and is equipped with a process connection with flange or thread etc.
  • Thermatel TG1/TG2 – Can be used to detect level (gases and liquids), flow or liquid-liquid interfaces. It has separate DIN rail electronics, a 2-wire intrinsically safe design and the same features as TD2.
  • Thermatel TD1/TD2 – Suitable for demanding process applications in explosive environments, designed for detecting flow, level or interfaces. The flow switch has a mA output that can be used for trending and diagnostics. It withstands pressures up to 413 bar and can be quickly and easily calibrated.
  • FlowSwitch 700E – Used to detect dust due to filter failure functions such as cracks and installation defects. The flow switch has adjustable sensitivity and switching point, an LED condition indication and a robust stainless steel housing that withstands temperatures up to 290 °C.


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