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Process Automation  >  Level

Tillquist Group AB offers a complete range of level sensors and switches for liquids and solids. With a large number of different measurement technologies and various designs, we have solutions suitable for most measurement needs in the process and engineering industries.

Level measurement requires us to have excellent knowledge of the day-to-day reality for our customers, including both their existing and future needs. We have experienced staff with comprehensive knowledge of the applications, and over a number of years we have built up well-functioning collaborations with both our suppliers and our customers.

Level sensors and switches for the process industry 

  • Level transmitters – Available from leading manufacturers in various designs and with different measurement principles.
  • Level switches – Available in several different models and with different measurement principles.
  • Level indicators – Magnetic level indicators that show the level in a vessel or tank by use of a magnetic float in a chamber.
  • Leakage detectors – Provide warnings of leakages of flammable, conductive liquids, such as in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.


Process Automation

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