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Photonics  >  Positioning

Tillquist Photonics offers high-precision positioning products from two of the most reliable and accurate positioning manufacturers in the world. We are able to supply a wide range of translation stages, both linear and rotary, as well as the controlling electronics to achieve positioning accuracy with sub-micron resolution. A large number of catalogue products and systems are available to meet various high-precision positioning requirements in research, science and industry. The typical catalogue products are linear translation stages, rotary stages, xy stages, xyz stages, tilting systems, shutter systems, 5-axis positioners and microscopy stages.

Custom Design Positioning Modules for OEM

We are also able to provide customised nanopositioning modules for OEMs or unique applications, working in close collaboration with the customer and supplier to achieve optimum performance and manufacturability. This means that we can address customer requirements in most automation applications, even for production and inspection systems operating 24/7.

Precision motorized positiong with quick delivery from stock

Tillquist provides motorized positioning with short lead times from

Nanor AB - Specialists in Motion Control

Tillquist Group has acquired Nanor AB and merged it into the group as business area Motion Control. We are specialists in providing precision positioning products from 

Please contact us to discuss your positioning requirements.

Business Area Manager


Urban Konradsson Botes

Phone: +46 8-594 632 37