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Spectrometer Modules for OEM

Photonics  >  Spectrometer Modules for OEM

From the world’s most reputable suppliers of spectrometers, Tillquist Photonics offers a range of spectrometer components and modules to OEM manufacturers, for high performance applications. In everything from diffraction gratings to turnkey spectrometer systems, our suppliers maintain industry-leading quality and performance in every detail. Optonyx spectrometer products cover wavelengths ranging from 185 nm to 2,200 nm.

For demanding applications, we have compact and durable modules that allow spectral sensors to be integrated directly into instruments installed in process installations, even in harsh and stressful environments.

Tillquist Photonics also has suppliers for the electronic hardware in a spectrometer system, making it possible to offer the complete optical sensor unit for a spectroscopic measuring instrument. In addition, we can supply refraction or diffraction gratings for OEM applications, both mechanical and holographic, and on both flat or curved surfaces in different sizes.

A high qualtiy selection of spectrometer suppliers

We provide spectrometer products from

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