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Who we are

Tillquist Group AB is a technology trading company focusing on high-quality technical components and systems related to measurement, mainly in power and industrial automation. As well as acting as a distributor, we have developed our own range of transducer products. We work exclusively with the most reputable suppliers in each product category, and our staff possess the best technical expertise in the market. This has been our business model for over 100 years and we will continue to maintain this.

The company

  • Sales 2018: SEK 175 million
  • Approximately 40 employees
  • Sales mainly in Scandinavia and the Middle East
  • Organised into six divisions
  • Wholly-owned development and production of transducers
  • 25/75% female/male

Our strengths as a partner

  • Well-known brand that stands for expertise and genuine quality
  • We work only with the best, both partners and customers
  • Our salespeople have an average 23 years of industry experience
  • Average 30+ years of collaboration with our partners
  • 500+ customers annually, including ABB, E.ON, GE, Siemens, Vattenfall and Volvo


Types of company we consider

  • Growth potential
  • Established supplier relationships
  • Either within our core segments or in adjacent industries where it is logical for Tillquist Group AB to become established
  • Preferably with some presence in other countries

Our strengths as an owner

  • Long-term approach and financial strength
  • Expertise in technology, sales and business development
  • Deep relationships with very many customers, i.e. good potential for synergy
  • Clear and established growth targets, and quick decision-making processes


Central functions

Marcus Thuresson

Phone: +46 8-594 632 18