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Control and Selector Switches

Power Automation  >  Control and Selector Switches

Specialised high-quality control and selector switches

Tillquist Group AB supplies reliable Comelectric switches, developed and manufactured in Italy, just outside Milan. Comeletric has more than 60 years of experience and provides the market with the highest quality control switches. The technology is based on knife-type contacts rather than the classic cams, and offers clear advantages in tougher and more demanding environments.

We offer a wide range, from regular control and selector switches to key/handle operated switches. Our switches are available with front plates in dimensions 30x30 mm, 48x48 mm and 64x64 mm, as well as in 24x24 mm mosaics and other sizes.

We have plenty of references.

Technical benefits:

  • Highly reliable quality switches with distinct notching
  • Full-length steel shaft
  • Self-cleaning contacts (knife design)
  • High switching capacity from 3A to 10A 110V DC, DC13 50 ms/contact
  • Unique drawings for each part number
  • Short lead times with many items in stock