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Signal Transmission

Power Automation  >  Signal Transmission

Products and services for transmission of analogue and digital signals

Tillquist Group AB works with a wide range of products and services for transmitting analogue and digital signals, focusing on building and industrial automation.

Signals are transmitted through various media

The range consists of a variety of designs, functions and architectures, such as point-to-point connection, networks and multi-drop bus. Signal transmission takes place through various media such as signal cables, ethernet, fiber optics or wireless such as 2-wire, LAN, fiber connections, GSM/GPRS, radio connections, fixed telephone lines, both analogue and digital, as well as via power and electricity grids.

Alarm transmission for annunciator faults

We also work with alarm transmission, a series of products used to transmit faults or alarm signals via SMS, fax, pagers or e-mail, used to send an alarm or message to on-duty staff rather than to the central processing unit.

Signal transmission products

  • Industrial wired/wireless signal transmission – Signals are moved transparently between I/O modules, and can also be moved to a master system via an interface and protocol
  • Alarm transmission- For transmission of faults or alarm signals to fax, SMS, pagers or e-mail, such as sending an alarm or a message to on-duty staff rather than to the central processing unit

Larmöverföring är en serie produkter som används vid överföring av fel eller larmsignaler som sker vid SMS, FAX, personsökare eller e-post och används när man inte vill skicka alarm eller meddelanden till den centrala processenheten utan till den ansvariga personen i tjänst.