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Power Automation

Power Automation

Power Automation – products for measurement and monitoring

In our Power Automation business division, we market and sell products for measuring and monitoring electrical quantities in electric power and energy distribution.

Transducers, instrumentation and fault annunciators 

Our product range includes instrumentation, control and selector switches, fault annunciators and our well-known proprietary transducers, which are both developed and manufactured in Sweden. Our customers are found in areas such as energy distribution, construction contracting and servicing.

Strong expertise and high-quality products

We have a high level of expertise and knowledge in the collection and transmission of measurement data that connects measurement processes and their visualizations with different system solutions. Our suppliers are carefully selected and offer leading products that focus on quality.

Power Automation products:

  • Instrumentation – instruments and components for optimal performance in different types of control systems
  • Control and selector switches – these products from Comeletric are of high quality and functionality level
  • Fault annunciators – for panel mounting, from German manufacturer EES
  • Transducers – mainly intended for switchgears and electrical power and energy distribution networks
  • Signal transmission – for transmitting analogue and digital signals, mainly intended for building and industrial automation
  • Current transformers – isolate measuring and protection equipment from high voltages on the electricity grid while, at the same time, transforming voltage and current quantities into measurable levels