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Optonyx supplies high-quality optical components. We offer prisms, beam splitters, lenses, aspherical and cylindrical optics, windows, mirrors, tunable (focusable) lenses, laser speckle reducers and more. For OEM applications we are able to deliver optics assemblies mounted in mechanical enclosures.

Together with our highly reputable suppliers, we stand for optical components with world-leading performance and quality. We have access to a unique precision optics moulding facility especially designed for large volumes of aspherical lenses. Other unique components are tunable lenses and laser speckle reducers. With tunable lenses, the focal length of a single lens element can be electrically tuned over a wide range, making it possible to design novel zoom optics, focusing optics and lighting. Laser speckle reducers are ideal for improving precision and visibility in applications such as laser projection displays, head-up displays and laser metrology.

Optonyx is able to support OEM customers from initial proof of concept, through the prototype and pre-series stages, all the way to full-scale production. Our close collaboration with customers and suppliers makes it easier to achieve your goals, whether for maximum precision and performance or for cost-competitive volume applications.

Please visit the Optonyx website for more information about optics.

Business Area Manager


Urban Konradsson Botes

Phone: +46 8-55 11 14 11