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Optical Filters

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Tillquist Photonics offers a wide range of optical filters. We supply high-performance hard-coated interference filters such as bandpass filters, dichroic beam splitters, edge filters and notch filters. These are ideal for fluorescence applications, Raman spectroscopy and other laser applications. We also provide a wide variety of colour glass filters from different glass manufacturers.

We can deliver filters with very short lead times. We have a highly efficient supply chain and access to a large inventory of catalogue items. Custom sizing, both larger and smaller, is available with the same optical specifications as standard catalogue filters at very short lead times.

Our interference filters have extremely good spectral performance, which for imaging applications results in better brightness and higher contrast. For optical measurements they give a very high signal to noise ratio. The filters also have a very long service life, even in hot, humid and corrosive environments. Tillquist Photonics is able to supply customised optical filters in a very wide spectrum.

A high quality selection of optical filter suppliers

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