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Tillquist Group AB has a comprehensive range of pressure sensors for measuring vacuum, overpressure and absolute pressure.

Our pressure sensors are available in stainless steel, with ceramic or silicon cells, to ensure optimum function in different applications, such as fluids, viscous media and gases. They can withstand high temperatures and pressures up to 6,000 bar, and are also available with a flush diaphragm for applications such as in the food industry.

The sensors have a wide selection of connections and outputs. The displays can be rotated, allowing for easy readout, even in installations with restricted access. Our pressure sensors are often used to measure fluid levels.

Pressure sensors, product catalogue

We offer the following pressure sensors 

  • Pressure sensors - For measuring vacuum, overpressure and absolute pressure. The pressure sensors are suitable for almost all industrial gases and liquids.
  • Differential pressure transmitters – Used for many different liquid and gas applications.
  • Pressure gauges – Digital battery-powered pressure gauges with a number of different mechanical and electrical connections. Our digital pressure gauges are suitable for most liquids, viscous media and gases.
  • Documentation – The catalogues present technical data and order codes for each individual product.

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